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Bad Gateway error

It worked until this update. Now all I get is a “bad gateway” error when I log on. Don’t upgrade if you are using an older version.

Used to work but hasnt lately

All I get is bad gateway… useless.

Need Multiple Stores!!

The app is good, essentially the same as the internet version. If it had the ability to switch between stores easly it would be great!

Can’t manage more than 1 store!

The whole advantage to having a Shopify App would be being able to quickly bounce between multiple stores you manage. Otherwise, this app is no more than a browser that can only go to your Shopify store.

Not Free!

It’s not “free” if it’s only a 14 day trial period. It has a monthly fee associated with the program. Not worth it.

Works fine except with Dymo Label Printer

Application seems to work well, although I tend to just use the browser version more often. I have had difficulties with the Dymo 450 using a Mac, and apparently only Firefox allows printing. I was hoping the application would work with it, but unfortunately it just says “Not Connected” every time I try and print a barcode.

Doesn’t work if you run more than one store

If you manage more than one store this app is not for you

Not really an app.

It’s still just the web version in a browser that only goes to the Shopify dashboard. It’s not really any more useful than just logging in with your browser. And if you need to print a shipping label, it opens Shopify in your default browser anyway, which you have to log into again to access the shipping label to print. The site is great, the iOS and Android apps are great, this App is useless. There are so many ways Shopify could develop a great desktop UI, putting the website in a browser and pretending it’s a real standalone app just doesn’t really count to me.

The app is good

The full screen does not exist with the new update .And it could be a little easier to navigate, is almost exaclty as the internet version.


Does just what the app says id does. Good job. Use this everyday.

a little disappointed...

I download the app and it works wonderful except you cannot print from it. It downloaded and we can do anything in the app that can be done thru a web browser except print our orders. It takes less space on our hard drive and less resources to operate so we are excited about that but it is worthless to us if we cannot print. I contacted live chat on the support page about this issue and they have no idea nor any suggestions for us except to use a web browser or buy a new laptop. They never even said … hey not a good thing so i will submit a ticket and have our techs look into it and see if we can solve this issue - nothing like that. Pretty disappointing experience there. It does allow me to open all my shopify stores in one place which is awesome but if you can’t print invoices it is worthless.. Not worth the time to install and the headache to find out you can’t print. Needs an update which the App Store says is available however when you click to update all you get is the little spinning wheel forever… nothing is happening!!

Only one store?

Great to see a native app for Shopify, but am I correct that you can only log into one store? I have to manage three. The iOS app lets you easily switch between them. Please tell me that will be added here very soon. I’ll be happy to update my rating as soon as that happens.

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